Residential / VIP Protection in Texas – The Right Security Guards Can Do It All

A bodyguard’s main role is to protect his / her client. Another role is to keep the client safe even if the situation indicates to putting their own body and life at risk to save their client’s life. Bodyguards or VIP protection in Texas can be hired by anyone or at any time including, celebrities, politicians or even local business executives and other personnel. Normally, when there is a public figure involved, several bodyguards are hired. When the security of the President of the United States, Barack Obama is in question, there are visible bodyguards and then there are the invisible ones, meaning, they blend in with the crowd if someone tries to attack him.

Often, a bodyguard can also serve the role of the driver and make sure that the client reaches the place they need to be, safely. Very often, bodyguards for several events or places are assigned by reputable security providers. You need to look for an experienced security company that hires experienced, disciplined and competent bodyguards for the job of providing VIP protection or residential security. A common mistake most clients or people seeking security services make is look for individuals that are very tall and muscular. This is no doubt; a good criterion to base the selection on however, one that has a military or police background will be more capable of defending himself and you in any unforeseen event.

You must keep in mind that the role of a bodyguard is not as easy as you think. Security service providers must make sure that their bodyguards are alert on the job and are aware of what is happening around them at any time and every time. In addition to ensuring the safety of the client, they also need to keep the premises, presence of any suspicious vehicles, windows, doors and balconies under tight observation. A bodyguard must deter as well as diffuse the situation before it spirals out of control. The last thing any bodyguard needs is to involve physically with an offender because when a situation reaches at this stage, it means that their client is less than 100% protected.

Bodyguards hired by famous personalities in Texas are referred to as VIP protection. The term can be interchanged for bodyguards that secure, guard and patrol nightclubs, parties and special events. A bodyguard can end up to be a close friend when celebrities are in question because they are around them 24 hours a day. They are often asked to live at the celebrity’s residence and provide 24 / 7 protection. In several other cases, bodyguards are hired just to escort the celebrities in an event or a huge crowd.

You should always remember one thing when you need the services of a bodyguard. Never settle for the first security provider offering VIP protection, shop around unless you are strongly recommended to consider one. Search for your security provider’s credentials and find out the background and skill level of each bodyguard that is going to work for you. You obviously do not want a bodyguard that has a criminal record or one that has a few years of experience. If the one you are hiring has an unsatisfying history then it is a sign not to proceed with the hiring process. The best bodyguards will act beforehand when a situation arises and will diffuse it without you knowing that something ever happened. Their physical presence will help deter criminal activities.

Eagle Protective Group offers VIP protection in Texas for clients that need a systematic approach to security. Our security guards are vigorously trained to mitigate any risk and keep you safe in any situation.

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